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Swings and slides for children are among the most popular play tools in playgrounds, kindergartens, and houses. Playing with swing and slide is one of the most interesting amusements for all children. Different types of children’s slides and swings and building blocks create lots of fun and amusement for children. During the days you cannot go to the park due to the weather conditions, the most difficult thing is to amuse the children and it leads you to buy a house slide for your child in order to not only help the child to exploit his energy, but also avoid harms to home appliances. Additionally, taking care of the children when they are playing in the yard is difficult and you always have to notice them.

Children swings and slides are among those toys that never become repetitive for the children. In the past using swings and slides was only possible in parks. But currently, and due to the production of different types of plastic swings and slides with reasonable expenses, has led children to be able to play at home with different toys. Also, these toys can be utilized in villa surroundings and in playgrounds and personal villas. Therefore, a kindergarten slide within a house can be considered as an outstanding tool to amuse your child at home and to create some awesome memories for you and your child. One of the good features of home slides is that you can take care of your children while working at home.

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The selection of the best swings and slides for home

To find the best appropriate swings and slides for home, you can use the following guidelines:

  1. Swings and slides for home appropriate for child age

Children grow rapidly. Therefore, you should think of a slide designed for older age children to be used even when your children become older. But if the slide is too big, your child can not enjoy all features of the slide and its amusements. The most important fact is that if your child plays with a slide out of the boundaries of the age, he/she may get harmed.

  1. Weight limitations for swings and slides

If over-weighted children or several children play with home slides, there would be lots of dangers. A slide may bend, its plastic may be cracked and finally may create a structure that is not safe for your child.

  1. Size of home slides

 If you are thinking of folding the slide or transferring it from a room to another one, it would be better to buy bendable or winding slides. There also exist different small and light slides for children that could be easily moved and located at home. Additionally, you should first check that how much space you have to place slides at home.

  1. Appropriate space for swings and slides at home and in playgrounds

The estimation of the space helps you identify how to locate a slide or a set of play tools in the intended location. If you like to use the slide both at home and outside, it would be better to buy a slide that can be easily moved. For example, you can choose Squirrels swing and slides as a good option.

  1. The safety of home slides

Some slides have received the certificates required based on safety guidelines of organizations such as ASTM International. In slides that lack such certificates, you should look for features such as anti-hit, safe knobs, and safe rails. Also you can use floor coverings to provide safe surfaces when children play with swings and slides.

  1. Materials used in slide manufacturing

When you are choosing the best slides for your children at home, not only you should consider the movability and its cleaning, but also you should check that they are compatible with your child regarding the materials used to produce them. Metal slides are not appropriate for children at home. On the other hand, if the materials used are softer, they create a pillow to guard the children against the hits, but sliding on it may not seem fun for older children (since they can not slide easily on it). You should choose appropriate slides regarding your children’s age.

  1. Enjoyment features

Some swings and slides entail extra parts such as ball-pools, basketball ring, bar fixture or tunnels. If you are looking for such slides, you should first provide the required spaces for such tools to let your children enjoy all its parts completely and comfortably.

Here we have presented you a series of the best slides currently in the market to decide about selecting the best home slide for the child considering the strong points and weak points.


  1. Wind slides for children

Strong points:

  • Easy carrying
  • Foldable
  • light

weak points:

  • It is more appropriate for children under 3 years old.
  • The height of slide is low.


What differentiates a wind slide and a normal slide? This slide is not only a little smaller, but also it is made of a very strong and also soft material. Although it is believed that this slide is appropriate for children under 4 years old (22 kilogram), it may also be amusing for younger children, too.

This slide can easily be folded. If you are living in a small area, using it would be a positive advantage. It can be easily moved due to being light. Therefore, if you like to move it from a room to another one, it would be invaluable although it is more expensive than the similar models because it is made of a very strong material. On the whole, this is an excellent choice for slides at home.

  1. Foldable slide

Strong points:

  • Easy installation
  • Easy movability
  • Foldable
  • Light
  • Cheap and appropriate

Weak points:

  • Less durability compared to other models
  • Age limitation: from 18 months to 4 years
  • It may be difficult to climb its round steps.
  • If the child hits the ground, he/she may encounter higher pressure.

Foldable slides for children are considered as a good choice for apartments. These slides are light and it is easy to adjust and move. Colors are amusing and the knobs are appropriate for children’s hands. Going upwards on round steps in foldable slides can be difficult for children. Also children may experience difficult descending. Therefore, it would be better to put a pillow under the slide to avoid hard hits for the children.